Swivelpole™ C2
10 ft 13 ft

Column or Wall Mounted

Swivelpole™ products are available from all major electrical distributors. To find your nearest distributor contact us.


  • Ideal for internal structure lighting, area lighting and sub-station walls

Features & Benefits

  • Column or wall mounting bracket
  • NPS 2" (50) top section for pole height to 13' (4000mm)
  • Eliminates risk of working at heights within structures

Standard Installed Heights (nominal)

  • 10 ft (3000)
  • 13 ft (4000)


  • Bolts directly to column or wall

Optional Attachments

Technical Specifications

Standard Material & Finish

Structural Steel
Hot-dip Galvanised (HG)

Other Materials & Finishes

  • Stainless Steel (SS) grade 316
  • Aluminum (AL)

Manufacturing Standards

AWS D1.1

Design Compliance

The Swivelpole™ product range has been developed to meet the design criteria of a range of site conditions, including hurricane winds, corrosive and hazardous environments. For additional information on our products and product configurations to suit your design compliance needs, please contact us at sales@swivelpole.com. Site engineers are responsible for determining the relevant design criteria, including design wind speed and to select the appropriate products from the Swivelpole™ product range to meet this criteria.

Certification & Classification (HG)

  • ANSI/AISC 360-05
  • ASCE/SEI 7-05
  • 3426-83
  • UL 1598
CSA logo
  • All Swivelpole products in all available finishes are listed by CSA as Certified under Master Contract number 257018

Maximum Combined Fixture Weight

44lb (for one-person operation). Two person operation is recommended for poles over 10 feet.

Quality Assurance

All Swivelpole™ products are manufactured and/or assembled to comply with a prescribed QMS based on ISO 9001 world standards.


The Safe Swivel™ Joint and Swivelpole™ product range is protected by patents and registered designs worldwide including U.S. Patent No 6957832 and European Patent No 1226387, and can only be sold and or manufactured under licence granted by Swivelpole™ Patent Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.


5 year limited warranty
  • All equipment and goods are warranted by the seller to be free from defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years from the date of shipment. Normal wear of equipment or goods, equipment or goods which are misused, abused, or damaged, or not used in accordance with the seller’s instructions are excluded in this warranty. No warranty shall apply, or responsibility be taken for any modifications, alterations or additions to the standard product design. This includes exceeding recommended maximum weights for any fittings or exceeding the installed height.

    No warranty shall apply on the zinc aluminum or hot-dip galvanized finishes, where the product is exposed to caustic chemical contact or extreme chemical environments.

  • Equipment or goods not manufactured by the seller but supplied through the seller shall carry the warranty of the original manufacturer. The seller’s sole liability under this warranty shall be limited to either replacing or repairing without charge, at its factory or elsewhere at its discretion, any equipment or goods not meeting this warranty, or at seller’s option, refunding the purchase price. The seller shall in no event be liable for any other direct or any special indirect or consequential damages of any kind under this contract or otherwise.
★ subject to change without notice


The adequacy of the guardrail and supporting structure must be verified by a site approved engineer. Swivelpole Group Pty Ltd, subsidiaries and related entities (Swivelpole) will accept no responsibility for failure due to inadequacy of the supporting structure or guardrail to which the Swivelpole™ is mounted.

Ordering Information

Base Section Top Section Product Code
NPS (DN) OD Length NPS (DN) OD Length 'T' Option
10' (3000) 2" (50) 60.3 5' 11" (1800) Threaded C2-3000-T
10' (3000) 2" (50) 60.3 5' 11" (1800) Plain, no slot C2-3000-P
10' (3000) 2" (50) 60.3 5' 11" (1800) Plain, slot to back C2-3000-PS
10' (3000) 2" (50) 60.3 5' 11" (1800) Plain, slot to front C2-3000-PSF
13' (4000) 2" (50) 60.3 10' (3000) Threaded C2-4000-T
13' (4000) 2" (50) 60.3 10' (3000) Plain, no slot C2-4000-P
13' (4000) 2" (50) 60.3 10' (3000) Plain, slot to back C2-4000-PS
13' (4000) 2" (50) 60.3 10' (3000) Plain, slot to front C2-4000-PSF
NPS - Nominal Pipe SizeDN - Nominal SizeOD - Outside DiameterAll dimensions are in imperial and metric sizes

Security Cover

Security Cover

  • SC-001-HG