Swivelpole™ for
Owners & Operators


  • Easy access to install, maintain and upgrade fixtures and equipment
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Easily convert existing fixed poles to lowering poles
  • Increase safety

The common denominator affecting most equipment on a commercial or industrial site, is the need for physical access to fixtures and equipment – for upgrades, maintenance, adjustments and trials. This work must be carried out cost‐effectively and safely.

Swivelpole™ have a proven, safe, flexible solution to suit your site requirements.

Reduce operating costs by installing Swivelpole™. Choose from our extensive range of options ‐ complete, component and convert – making it easy to install and benefit from our solutions on all your projects.

Make your next pole a Swivelpole™.

Getting started

Solutions for incorporating into new build and converting existing rigid poles to lowering poles

Ideal for

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Sirens &
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& More