The most difficult part of the job is anything at height, especially  lighting, is achieving safe access to the lamps to undertake the  inspections.

Step ladders are ruled out because workers are not allowed above hand  rail height and there is usually nowhere to rig a harness. The only  access choices left, that may avoid a possible fatal accident, are  scaffolding, elevated work platforms (EWPs) or cherry pickers.

These options can involve up to 3 people, JSA’s & work permits,  personal gas detectors and equipment hire, all of which are costly and  time consuming. This can limit inspectors to around 4–5 inspections a  day.

“With the introduction of the Swivelpole on many of my client sites,  nowadays I don’t have get to the light fixture…I now simply bring the  light fixture to me. The Swivelpole product has also allowed me to  inspect up to 12 -14 light fixtures per day without risk of injury. It  has increased my performance by 300%, making it more economical for the  client, while being safer for me…a win-win situation for all”.

On tall thin columns, vessels with circular walkways or where  intrusive obstructions exist, the Swivelpole has an added advantage. The  U bolt mounting system allows the operator to position the pole to  avoid these obstructions.

Excerpt from a testimonial provided by Nolan Westbrook, who was  involved in the construction, installation, commissioning &  contracting side of the electrical instrumentation industry for more  than 30 years.