When designing lighting layouts in an industrial plant, there are many criteria the designer must consider. Some of them are:

·         Safety

·         Installation

·         Future maintenance

·         Required lighting levels

·         Environmental conditions such as wind, temperature, and vibration

Let’s focus on safety, installation, and maintenance.

Installation and maintenance of platform and walkway lighting requires costly access equipment.

With the increased focus on workplace health and safety, finding an alternative to working at heights is a priority. Swivelpole™ is the solution, allowing easy and safe installation and future maintenance of light fixtures.

Swivelpole™ eliminates the need for working at heights. No need for scaffolds or expensive access equipment. Walkway mounted light poles can be installed from the safety of the platform. Scheduling maintenance becomes easy at a fraction of the cost.

The Swivelpole™ lowering pole solution can be incorporated into new lighting designs by installing the Maxis™ joint. The Maxis™ joint is stronger than the pipe, so the original design intent of the light pole will not be affected. The Maxis™ joint can also be installed into existing non lowering light poles.

Incorporating the Maxis™ joint into your lighting design will give your client ongoing cost savings throughout the life of the plant. Discover how much you can save here >>

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