There’s dirt blocking the floodlight LEDs. The lens on a CCTV camera needs cleaning. An alarm is broken and won’t stop sounding.

There are lots of reasons for industrial pole mounted equipment to require some form of maintenance. Usually, someone has to climb up a ladder to sort things out. But sometimes that isn’t possible, and another type of raised platform must be installed to fix the problem.

Swivelpole™ allows you to access equipment easily. Its innovative lowering pole solution simplifies access to raised equipment, reducing the time and cost for your company as well as satisfying the growing need to work remotely.

Industrial pole mounted equipment

In industrial settings, there’s a wide variety of equipment that needs to be mounted high up on poles. The most common is lighting, followed by different types of security equipment such as CCTV surveillance or an alarm system component.

Recent times have also seen the proliferation of networking infrastructure being utilised for the transmission of wireless signals respectively.

With the rise of technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT), the future will see even more industrial pole mounted equipment consisting of new devices and sensors for applications such as managing the contents of a warehouse or smart weather stations.

A good example of this technology is in the potentially hazardous mining industry. Pole mounted cameras and sensors can be used to remotely monitor mine sites. Combined with automated machinery, this means that fewer workers are required on site, making it much safer. In fact, any industrial situation that requires minimal workers on site, for whatever reason, will benefit from IoT devices.

To keep up with these advances in technology many existing industrial pole mounted devices will have to be upgraded, and that is on top of the usual maintenance such as inspection, cleaning, repairing, replacing components, calibration and adjustments.

Using scaffolding, elevated work platforms (EWPs) and ladders to perform these tasks poses an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risk. To mitigate the risks as much as possible, staff must be trained on how to correctly perform tasks that require raised access equipment and other relevant safety gear. However, even with training – accidents happen.

Not only is this time consuming for a company to perform, but it also costs a substantial amount of money. Having to purchase or rent the raised access equipment and pay staff during the training, as well as factoring in the downtime of industrial pole mounted equipment.

Swivelpole™ offers a solution to all these problems.

Swivelpole™ – Access Made Easy

Swivelpole™ solutions utilise a range of joints, mounts and brackets to do exactly what the name suggests – lower the pole to bring it closer to the ground for easy access to the equipment.

Among Swivelpole’s product range is the patented MaxisTM joint, the next generation lowering pole solution, made of cast steel with minimal moving parts. It is available in multiple configurations to meet the client’s requirements and is suitable for hazardous locations and harsh environments.

Swivelpole™ offers Greenfield and Brownfield solutions for industrial pole mounted equipment:

Greenfields (New Build)

These are all-purpose solutions ready to be installed for industrial or commercial use. Swivelpole™ models are available specifically designed for guardrail stanchions, walkway structures, columns, walls and floors.

You can also design and build your custom pole solution using patented Swivelpole™ lowering technology and adaptable mounting hardware.

Brownfields (Existing)

We provide the tools for clients to convert rigid poles to convenient lowering poles.

Advantages of Choosing Swivelpole™

●     Safety – Equipment is lowered to a safe working height and ergonomic service position, eliminating the need for workmen to climb ladders, install scaffolding or other raised platforms. Swivelpole™ leads to safer worksites.

●     Simplicity – Swivelpole™ products are easy to install and operate.

●     Savings – Reduce the cost and time required to maintain and upgrade industrial pole mounted equipment.

●     Flexibility – Solutions for incorporating into new build and converting existing rigid poles to lowering poles

The rise of remote monitoring and control devices

In today’s society there is a growing need to remotely monitor sites and control certain devices, such as IoT sensors, lighting, security cameras, etc. These devices are often pole mounted and require regular maintenance and adjustment.

In emergency situations, companies, governments and other authorities need to rely on devices and equipment that is well-maintained and in full working order.

Swivelpole™ can help to safely carry out essential maintenance in remote and challenging areas and environments, quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with Swivelpole™ today and find out how much you can save, whilst improving your company’s safety.